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Major Change Coming to Food Labels by 2018


If you are one to keep a close watch on those food labels that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires, then you will soon be noticing a major change that revolves around added sugars.

According to NPR, a separate line will now show the amount of “added sugar” as well as a percentage of a person’s “Daily Value.” To determine this percentage, nutritionists use what they believe would be part of a reasonable 2,000 calorie daily diet.

Another change you can expect to see on food labels is a change in the serving and calorie display. Now, this information will be much more prominent than before, to draw as much attention to it as possible.

In addition to being easier to read, the serving sizes have been completely revamped and more realistic. The goal is to accurately display the amount of food Americans eat. This will give us a much more accurate look at what we are consuming and how healthy the food is we are buying.

Naturally, many food companies have opposed these changes, but the FDA argues that they are necessary to help improve our health. They also argue that the labels have not been revamped in over 20 years, which means now is the best time to do so.

With the huge push towards a healthy country, changing the food labels that affect our food purchases is a smart move in the right direction. You can expect to see these changes soon, but by 2018 all food labels should reflect them.

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Major Change Coming to Food Labels by 2018