Lightning Strike Creates Incredible Pattern on Texas Golf Course

Screengrab via YouTube

On Tuesday morning, a strong lightning strike hit the 15th hole at The Weeks Park Golf Course in Witchita Falls, Texas, leaving a bizarre impression on the grass.

Anna Garcia captured these remarkable photos.

That, my friends, is why you shouldn’t stand out in a field when there’s a lightning storm.

When lightning strikes the ground, a discharge of electricity shoots out in a tendril pattern. According to the National Weather Service, ground currents from lightning bolts kill hundreds of farm animals every year. The currents can reach up to 100 feet from the impact site.

Ground currents from lightning bolts are also fatal to humans who are standing or lying down in open areas, like putting greens on golf courses.

The spectacular fractal patterns left by lightning bolts can also appear on the skin of a person struck by lightning. Imagine something that looks like a henna tattoo of what you’ve seen in the pictures above.

So next time you’re on the links and see a storm roll in over the horizon, hop in the cart and head back to the clubhouse.

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Lightning Strike Creates Incredible Pattern on Texas Golf Course