Full-Scale Noah’s Ark Opens in Kentucky

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Dubbed the Ark Encounter, a full-scale Noah’s Ark attraction and theme park opened on Thursday, July 7 in Williamstown, Ky.

Constructed with the dimensions described in the Bible, the replica sits between Cincinnati and Lexington on I-75.

Noah's Ark Attraction
Facebook/Ark Encounter

The park is the work of Creationist Ken Ham. Ham designed the attraction and park to serve as a Creationism educational tool.

Questions on the Ark Encounter site ask, “How big was Noah’s Ark? How did Noah fit all the animals on board? How did Noah feed and care for all the animals? How did Noah build the Ark?” As the site explains, “We built the full-size Noah’s Ark to answer these questions—and more!”

Ark Encounter not only includes the 510-feet long, 85-feet wide and 51-feet high ark replica, but also a zoo and museum.

Noah's Ark Replica
Facebook/Ark Encounter

Controversial employee regulations

The park is already “making waves” over the strict Statement of Faith all employees are required to sign. The contract requires employees to disavow homosexuality and pre-marital relations and agree with all aspects of Creationism.

The state of Kentucky denied Ark Encounter tax breaks in 2014. However, the ministry behind the attraction filed a lawsuit, claiming the ruling infringed on their constitutional rights. The state of Kentucky has since granted Ark Encounter up to $18 million in tax incentives due to its “religious purpose and message.” Hundreds of people are expected to be employed, as long as they’re okay with signing the Statement of Faith that is.

Tickets for Ark Encounter start at $40 for a single day adult ticket, but if you feel the need to go seven consecutive days, it will cost you $99.

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Full-Scale Noah’s Ark Opens in Kentucky