Joey Feek Remembered at Joyful Hometown Memorial Service

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Hundreds of friends, family and fans came together to remember Joey Feek at a public memorial service over the weekend.

On March 13, a crowd gathered inside Alexandria-Monroe High School in Feek’s hometown of Alexandria, Ind. to share memories of the late country singer. Gospel singer and family friend Bill Gaither told the crowd stories of watching her grow up over the years before Feek’s husband and musical partner, Rory, joined him to lead the crowd in a singalong of “Lean On Me,” one of Joey’s favorite songs.

Jerry Young, the pastor who baptized Joey as a young child, also reminisced about Feek’s younger days before presenting Rory with her high school varsity jacket. Soon after, Joey’s mother June Martin took the stage and performed a heartbreaking rendition of the Christian hymn, “Close To Thee.”

Although all in attendance were saddened by the loss of Feek earlier this month, the event was still filled with a sense of joy and love as they remembered her kind spirit and wonderful personality.

Joey Feek died on March 4 at the age of 40 after a long battle with cancer. She was laid to rest in a private ceremony on the Feek’s Tennessee farm a few days later.

“Joey’s one hope was that she could “come home” on a beautiful day… and oh, it was,” Rory Feek wrote about the funeral service on his blog, This Life I Live. “The daffodils were blooming, the grass was green and sky was bright blue.”

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Joey Feek Remembered at Joyful Hometown Memorial Service