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How to Build a Fire That Lasts Over 14 Hours

Although it’s still pretty frigid outside, it’s never too early to start thinking about camping season. One of the best ways you can be prepared for your next outdoor adventure is to learn how to make the most epic and long-lasting campfire ever.

In this video from YouTube user Bob Hansler, you can learn how to build a self-feeding fire, which will stay aflame for over 14 hours. Yes, really! No longer will you have to worry about adding logs or fanning flames. Instead, this clever contraption uses gravity to keep the fire blazing all day and all night.

By using a few large sticks and logs, you can create this same system in just a few minutes. The trick is to make a track for the logs to slide down into when the one that’s feeding the flames begins to burn away. Gravity will allow each log to slide down on either side, surrounding the flame with more material to burn.

It’s the perfect for those outdoor family getaways, when you want to spend your time making memories instead of struggling to keep your fire going. As soon as those flowers start blooming and the snow melts, head out to your favorite camp spot and try it out for yourself.

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How to Build a Fire That Lasts Over 14 Hours