This Common Household Product Could Burn Down Your House

A commonly household product may be putting you and your family at risk.

Most of us keep cleaners like wood polish inside a cabinet or on a shelf inside our home. These items are largely made with linseed oil, a chemical that can sometimes spontaneously combust.

According to ABC News, multiple families have reported explosions in their home due to these products in recent months. The oil-based products are safe when kept in their containers. However, the real danger begins when the product is used on a rag or piece of cloth. Materials that are left soaking in wood stain or polish pose a risk of lighting on fire.

“It actually heats up as it dries. It’s a chemical reaction,” Montgomery County fire inspector Donnie Boyd explains. “So it spontaneously combusts once it reaches its ignition temperature.”

Experts say the best way to keep any fires from starting in your home is by immediately removing any rags or materials with oil. Make sure they are completely dry before moving them, and dispose materials in a tightly-sealed metal garbage can.

Although linseed oil is overall safe to use, it’s always better to use extra caution when working with chemicals inside your home.

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This Common Household Product Could Burn Down Your House