Here’s a Sneak Peek of CMT’s New ‘Dude Perfect’ Show

It all started with five friends from Dallas, a backyard, a basketball and a YouTube channel.

Since posting their first video of trick shots in 2009, the friends known as “Dude Perfect” have amassed a following of more than 9 million subscribers — and now, a brand spankin’ new TV show on CMT.

Dude Perfect is known for lots of crazy sports-themed stunts and their hilarious “stereotypes” videos, where no sport is safe from being made fun of.

On their CMT show, the friends go from their quick, high-energy YouTube videos to a longer format. The show not only features the stunts, but how the teams comes up with them and makes all of the equipment necessary to pull them off.

It will feature more footage from behind the scenes and the everyday lives of the group as they make new stunts. Plus, if we’re lucky, all of the hilarious outtakes.

There will also be plenty of guests, including Luke Bryan and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers, who are both in the teaser video.

The Dude Perfect show was picked up by Superjacket Productions, a company founded by Rob Dyrdek, an extreme athlete-turned television star with shows like Rob & Big and Ridiculousness. It will air on Thursday nights on CMT beginning April 14th.

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Here’s a Sneak Peek of CMT’s New ‘Dude Perfect’ Show