Hear Brandy Clark’s Honest New Single, ‘Love Can Go To Hell’

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Brandy Clark reflects on a failed relationship in her clever and heartfelt new single, “Love Can Go To Hell.”

There are few songwriters in Nashville who can describe the emotional impacts of love and life as well as Clark. On her latest single, she expertly describes the pain that comes after a love affair ends, along with the mixture of appreciation and yearning for what once was. “I don’t blame you at all, I don’t hate you at all,” Clark sings, almost pleadingly. “It’s all love’s fault.”

It’s a feeling that many of us have felt far too often, when a relationship falls through the cracks unexpectedly. Full of cutting and honest lines like “forever is just a lie that love will tell,” the song is one that is sure to stick with you.

The single will be featured on Clark’s highly anticipated sophomore album, Big Day in a Small Town, which is slated to hit stores on June 10. If the rest of the album’s tracks are halfway as good as this one, Clark will likely be positioned for another year of critical praise and great success in 2016.

Click below to hear Brandy Clark’s new single, “Love Can Go To Hell.”

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Hear Brandy Clark’s Honest New Single, ‘Love Can Go To Hell’