Map Shows the Top Misspelled Words in Each State

America just received a reality check on how reliant we’ve become on modern technology thanks to Google and the release of the top misspelled words in each state.

Based on the number of inquiries starting with “how to spell,” Google was able to tally up the most frequently searched words within each state. Words that we’ve most likely become accustomed to having cell phones auto correct that we no longer have to think twice about it.

Some states struggled with simple words like “desert,” “cousin” and “gray”. Commonly used words like “beautiful,” “appreciate” and “possible” also came up in the search while not so common words such as “ornery”, “giraffe” and “diarrhea” get a little more leniency.

Google Trends
Google Trends

According to the results, some people weren’t even sure how to spell the state within which they live *cough, cough* – Massachusetts.

The list ironically came out following the conclusion of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, where two 11-year-olds co-won the event by spelling the words “gesellschaft” and “Feldenkrais.”

Every American can now hang their head down in shame.

See the full list of misspelled words by state below:

Alabama – Tongue

Alaska – Hawaii

Arizona – Diarrhea

Arkansas – Leprechaun

California – Desert

Colorado – Beautiful

Connecticut – Desert

Delaware – Neighbor

Florida – Tomorrow

Georgia – Appreciate

Hawaii – Boutineer

Idaho – Desert

Illinois – Appreciate

Indiana – Desert

Iowa – Maintenance

Kansas – Schedule

Kentucky – Maintenance

Louisiana – Definitely

Maine – Vacuum

Maryland – Cancelled

Massachusetts – Massachusetts

Michigan – Gray

Minnesota – Broccoli

Mississippi – Sergeant

Missouri – Pneumonia

Montana – Vacuum

Nebraska – Guarantee

Nevada – Cousin

New Hampshire – Diarrhea

New Jersey – February

New Mexico – Neighbor

New York – Beautiful

North Carolina – Pneumonia

North Dakota – Attitude

Ohio – Banana

Oklahoma – Gray

Oregon – Definitely

Pennsylvania – Cancelled

Rhode Island – Cancelled

South Carolina – Convenience

South Dakota – Gray

Tennessee – Courtesy

Texas – Niece

Utah – Leprechaun

Vermont – Possible

Virginia – Cancelled

Washington – Pneumonia

West Virginia – Giraffe

Wisconsin – Vacuum

Wyoming – Ornery

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Map Shows the Top Misspelled Words in Each State