Hear Florida Georgia Line’s New Collaboration with Tim McGraw

Listen up, because Florida Georgia Line has just released their second single entitled “May We All” from their new album. Dig Your Roots is the third record from the bro-country duo, and it drops on August 26. So far, the new music is looking really promising.

The lyrics of “May We All” continue in the established style of the band. Like “Dirt,” “May We All” praises the simple life of small town America. “May we all get to grow up in our red white and blue little town,” the song begins, singing about living in the “Kinda place you can’t wait to leave but nobody does cause you miss it too much.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be an FGL song without a few mentions of a girl. The familiarity of the lyrics “Find a sweet little thang, wears your ball cap backwards,” and “She’s smilin’ with her hair blowing out the window,” are reminiscent of their tracks “Cruise” and “Sun Daze.” However, there’s a noticeably more innocent vibe. “May We All” seems to be lacking the constant sexual innuendo present in their previous tracks.

Tim McGraw lends his distinctive vocals to “May We All” in the second verse, which poetically references time spent on the football field. Tyler Hubbard contributes harmonies alongside McGraw to create a pleasing, heartfelt sound.

The music is more mellow than FGL’s previous party anthems. The song begins with a mid-tempo acoustic guitar, which seems more suited to a Sunday drive than a raucous pasture party. The whole of the work sounds like a prayer, a wish or a toast, expressing hopes for a happy, peaceful life for all.

“H.O.L.Y” was the first single released from the album in April this year, and it elicited a great response from listeners and critics alike. As to whether or not the rest of the tracks have vaguely spiritual themes as do “H.O.L.Y” and “May We All,” we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Hear Florida Georgia Line’s New Collaboration with Tim McGraw