Exclusive: Aubrie Sellers Featured in Country Music Hall of Fame

It’s been a big year for rising country artist Aubrie Sellers, whose debut album New City Blues has been earning praise from fans and critics alike. Just a few months after her record’s release, she’s been honored with a placement inside of one the Country Music Hall of Fame’s newest exhibits.

Inside the popular Nashville museum, visitors are able to travel through time and learn about the history of country music from its beginnings to today. One of the newest exhibits features pairings of items from classic country stars and current chart-toppers, including a dress and notebook full of lyrics from Sellers. We were there when she got a first glimpse of her items inside the museum, which were paired with a guitar from one of her musical heroes, Buddy Miller.

“This is not something I was expecting to happen this early in my career,” Sellers told Wide Open Country. “When they told me that I was going to be paired with Buddy Miller, I thought it was the coolest thing ever because he’s a huge influence and pretty much embodies everything I love about music.”

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The exhibit also features memorabilia from Cam, Charlie Worsham and Dierks Bentley among others. You can find more information about the museum at the Country Music Hall of Fame website.

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Exclusive: Aubrie Sellers Featured in Country Music Hall of Fame