Hear Darius Rucker’s Reflective New Single, ‘If I Told You’

Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker reflects on love, life and self-awareness in his brand new single, “If I Told You.”

Rucker has been reliably consistent in his country career. With four albums under his belt and a fifth on the way, he’s gone from “another rocker gone country” to a staple of the mainstream side of the genre.

His brand spankin’ new single, “If I Told You,” doesn’t stray far from the sound that helped him earn four No. 1 albums. Beyond his smooth and smoky vocal, the song features a steady, catchy chorus that stays anchored by a heavy topic we’ve all dealt with: bearing your soul to another person.

“If I Told You” is on the surface a love song — the hook being the question, “Could you love me anyway?” But it’s much more a song about being wholly true with yourself and with the person closest to you. It’s a topic Rucker has explored before, both in his solo career and as the frontman of Hootie and the Blowfish.

It’s also a song that feels appropriate for Rucker, who is 50, to sing. It’s the type of ageless self-reflection and insecurity we all go through. Musically, it feels like a soft lob right down the plate. That is to say, it shouldn’t have any trouble with the adult contemporary crowd (the primary instruments are piano and drums with brushes, after all).

Written by Ross Copperman, Jon Nite and Shane McAnally, “If I Told You” may not be a Rucker original, but he says on his website that he “would not change a line as it moves me to want to not only sing along but also as a songwriter it inspires a new perspective.”

It’s another welcome addition to the increasing number of songs from mainstream artists that actually reach to connect on a level deeper than the typical party anthem. Rucker’s fifth album is also being produced by Copperman, so there’s a good chance “If I Told You” may capture the overall feel of the record.

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Hear Darius Rucker’s Reflective New Single, ‘If I Told You’