Cowboy Skips Highway Toll Riding Horse Across NYC Bridge

YouTube/Associated Press

New Yorkers saw something quite strange while traveling on the highway this past Monday. While commuters crossed the famous Outerbridge that joins New Jersey and Staten Island, they spotted a cowboy riding his horse through traffic.

The cowboy’s name is Tod Mishler, and he not only skipped a toll booth, but backed up traffic with all of the people gawking at the site and trying to get around him. The Port Authority Police showed up to assess the strange situation, and cited the 80-year-old for trespassing (unsurprisingly, you’re not supposed to have horses on the highway) and generally causing traffic.

One person stuck on the bridge was able to capture some footage of Mishler trotting down the road.

So, why did Mishler do this? He said that he has been crossing the country on horseback to raise awareness for childhood hunger. Well, he certainly succeeded in getting attention!

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Mishler told WABC that the police were a bit confused when they showed up to the scene. “You haven’t had horses around here in a long time so they didn’t know what to do,” Mishler said. He also said that after citing him, they simply told Mishler to “ride on, cowboy.”

The cowboy also said that he was never asked to pay the toll he passed.

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Cowboy Skips Highway Toll Riding Horse Across NYC Bridge