Carrie Underwood Fan Sings So Hard He Ends Up in the Hospital

Facebook/Carrie Underwood

We have our early frontrunner for Carrie Underwood fan of the year.

22-year old Bernard put his own health on the line to show up and sing his heart — and lungs — out at Underwood’s tour stop in Ottawa on May 27th. Bernard was hospitalized after the show for suffering a collapsed lung from singing too hard for too long.

He uploaded a picture of himself at the hospital with the caption, “Carrie Underwood slayed me so hard in Ottawa. I sang along to every word and my lung flopped #YOLO #LoveHer.”

Bernard was able to meet Underwood before the show, so when she saw what he tweeted she personally responded. “What the what?!” she said. “I hope you’re alright! It was great to get to see you! Thanks for risking your life to be there!”

Bernard responded that he’d do it all over again if he had to. Fellow Underwood fans responded with some sympathy and mostly envy that the singer reached out to him.

Underwood is in the middle of her massive Storyteller tour, which spans the U.S. before heading to Australia in December. Thankfully for Underwood fans, she has vocal coaches to help her keep her voice and lungs in top shape. Maybe Bernard’s story will be a reminder to fellow fans to sing smarter, not harder.

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Carrie Underwood Fan Sings So Hard He Ends Up in the Hospital