Brad Paisley Pays Respects to Johnny and June in New Video for ‘Gold All Over the Ground’

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Country star Brad Paisley pays tribute to the love between June Carter and Johnny Cash in his new video for “Gold All Over the Ground.”

To do it right, Paisley headed to the Cash Cabin Studio in Hendersonville, Tenn. The studio began as a cabin that Johnny built back in 1978. Later in his career, Cash started recording some of the American series recordings with Rick Rubin.

Slowly but surely, they put gear into the area to build out a bonafide, world-class studio. Cash’s son John Carter Cash now owns the studio.

It’s also replete with memorabilia from Johnny and June’s later days (she also recorded there). In the video, Paisley strolls around the property. He points out different pictures and artifacts, as well as plays the song.

Paisley shared the official music video on his Facebook page with the simple caption, “Their love lives on.”

It’s one of the cooler songs on the whole record. Cash actually gets a writing credit, too. Because Paisley used Cash’s poem that he wrote about his soon-to-be bride in 1967. He then put his own music to the song and recorded it for his new album, Love and War.

The tale of Johnny and June is one of the most endearing love stories in American lore. The two met early in their careers, but both had significant others. And yet fate kept reuniting them. June stuck by Johnny during his darkest days of addiction and basically rehabilitated him herself.

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Johnny pursued June for awhile before she finally relented and married him, and they lived happily into their golden years. At the end of the video, you can hear Johnny telling a reporter just what June meant to him. “She’s not only a lady who I shared a life with, but she may have been the person responsible for me still being alive,” Cash says.

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Brad Paisley Pays Respects to Johnny and June in New Video for ‘Gold All Over the Ground’