10 Texas Homecoming Mums That Are Totally out of Control

In case you haven’t heard, Texans are big into big. We like big hair, big bling, and big pageantry of all forms.

Nowhere is this affinity for the big showcased more than at high school homecomings. For generations, Texas teenagers have been awkwardly asking one another to homecoming. Upon the agreement of a homecoming date, each partner must purchase or make what have now become known as “mumstrosities”.

Originally, mums were simple corsages made from ribbons and a real chrysanthemum that girls’ pinned to their dresses, but those days are long gone. Now they can weigh as much as 20 pounds, and are worn with a harness around the neck or across the chest. These enormous creations consist of multiple fake flowers, yards upon yards of ribbons, lights, bells, and some even play music.

The tradition likely began with another favorite Texan pastime: one-upping. Mums have always been a status symbol, and you could always tell how deep your date’s love for you was depending on how enormous of a mum he bought (or asked his mom to make).

Regardless of how the tradition got out of control, it most certainly did, and to our great amusement. Here are some Texas homecoming mums that are absurdly gargantuan.

10. She’ll need a step ladder to wear this one.

9. These ladies probably had to lift weights for three months to prepare for carting around those colossal mums.

Twitter/The Cat Lady
Twitter/The Cat Lady

8. You’re gonna need a harness anyway, might as well make it part of the mum.

7. In a pinch, your mum could double as a battle shield.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.34.30 PM

6. As far as you know, the mum IS the dress.

5. Sorry, the mum called shotgun, into the backseat with you.

4. When this generation ends up with scoliosis, you’ll know what’s to blame.

3. After the game, you can use your mum as a dress screen and change into your homecoming gown behind it.

2. May the mum be with you.

1. Holy mother of mum…

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10 Texas Homecoming Mums That Are Totally out of Control