10 Biggest High School Football Stadiums in Texas

To say that Texans love football would be an understatement. Texans love football the way Johnny loved June. Texans love football the way Donald Trump loves his hair. Texans love football the way Kanye West loves Kanye West. The religious-like attendance at high school football games all across Texas is a testament to our devotion to the sport.

The passion can get even more intense the further you get from the city. When traveling through small-town Texas on a Friday night in the Fall, it’s liable to seem like a ghost town unless you happen to pass the stadium, and the only stations you’ll get out in the boonies will be gospel, country and broadcasts of high school football games.

Obviously, when you love something as fervently as Texans love football, you build shrines to it, and in Texas those shrines come in the form of multimillion-dollar football stadiums that would make some NFL teams jealous. Mckinney, Texas, for example, built its high school a $72 million stadium. Some of these monoliths are in the big cities, but some are pretty isolated. Here are 10 of the biggest high school football stadiums in Texas.*

*Statistics are from and are ranked according to seating capacity based on available information.

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10 Biggest High School Football Stadiums in Texas